Best Souvenirs from Rajasthan

Rajasthan – the “Land of Kings” is also the “Land of Unforgettable Souvenirs”.  A trip to this state promises gallops of joy not only for you but also for your friends and family back home. Every step into the colorful bazaars of the state will surely increase your serotonin levels with its variety. From mirror-embedded clothes and accessories to colorful elephant wall hangings, from clay pots to block print kurtas, from jootis to sumptuous eatables, this land offers you history, heritage, culture – all warmly wrapped in love.  Here’s a collated list of the items that you’d love to take back for your friends and family for them to get a whiff of the state’s beauty. Scroll through:

Home Decor:

When we speak of Rajasthan, we’re reminded of the famous Kathputli dance or the puppet dance, which is a part of the state’s rich age-old folk culture. These puppets have found their way into the market as a lovely home decor item. Be it as dolls or wall hangings or crafted in different accessories, you can take back the culture in a form you like. Blue pottery handicrafts,  come next in the line that speaks volumes of the state’s intricate craft. The list definitely doesn’t end here. A stroll into various markets will offer you a variety with items like mirror-worked and hand-painted accessories. 

The Fashion Mart:

If fashion is what you’re looking for, the colorful Rajasthan won’t disappoint you!. One of the colorful and attractive artifacts that is a must-have for all fashionistas is the Rajasthani Jootis popularly known as Mojaris. Available in a variety of patterns and colours, the authentic mojaris are made of pure leather. Being extremely comfortable, these beauties can add a tinge of royalty to any attire. 

Another hot pick from this fashion-forward state has to be the block-printed fabrics. Found mostly in cotton and linen, choose your pick from different prints. Talking about fashion, we cannot miss another tradition of India that adds beauty to a woman’s array. Bandhani or Leheriya are the signature designs of Rajasthan. Any one would love to add these in their shopping list while visiting Rajasthan. Yet simple but elegant these are complicated prints that are available in different markets of Rajasthan. Leheriya is a pattern expressing waves (Leher) whereas Bandhani is a print that is achieved by tying threads to a piece of fabric before dying it. Do not forget to add these in your shopping list as these souvenirs aur a must have.

Ethnic Accessories: 

Indian women love to accessorize as in India it symbolizes luck, prosperity and health, and Rajasthan gives some extraordinary supplements in this dimension. Some accessories that you cannot resist buying while visiting Rajasthan are the bangles that women of all ages love to have in their wardrobe and that is why different regions of India produce different varieties of bangles. Lac bangles with the work of Kundan are the speciality of the royal state which are available in different colours, sizes and ranges. Other than these things Rajasthan is also the hub of the jewellery industry and hand cutting gems. There is superlative quality and rich colours available which if found cannot be missed out on shopping. 

Scrumptious Food for your appetite:

Well, after all the fashion and accessorizing talks the readers might be hungry, so here are some gems of Rajasthan for all the foodies and food bloggers. The speciality of Rajasthan that you cannot resist without trying are the sweets. Actually, without tasting the sweets here, a trip to Rajasthan cannot be completed. One of these sweets includes Ghewar which is the perfect souvenir from this state to take as it has a long shelf life until it is dipped into the sugar syrup. All the cooks around the world know that India is famous for its spicy food. Named as ‘King of Spices’, the essence of spices in Rajasthan is pure and relish. Here in the spice markets, there are a variety of Aromatic spices. Rajasthan being an important producer of spices is particularly famous for cumin, coriander, and fenugreek which added to any dish will give immense pleasure to your taste buds.

Where to find; The Key Markets:

Surely everyone wants to try out these amazing souvenirs, no worries we got it covered for you guys, here are some places listed from all over Rajasthan where you can easily buy this stuff. Starting with the capital of the state, markets like Johari Bazar and Bapu Bazar in the pink city are the one-stop destination for textiles, jewellery, accessories, handlooms and whatnot. Udaipur, which is a beautiful city of lakes, gives us a market that is one place with many choices named Bada Bazar (Big Bazar). Here you can get a variety of traditional things at reasonable to cheap prices. Sadar Bazar in Jaisalmer, Nai Sarak in Jodhpur, Malakhera Bazar in Alwar, Sarafa Bazar in Pushkar and many more markets like these are available in every city of Rajasthan. Markets like these make Rajasthan the royal state it is as places like these exhibit the histories and royalties of Rajasthan that attracts people a lot. Hopefully, this blog will help you in recollecting all these things and will make it easy for you to explore and buy the best souvenirs from Rajasthan. Keep connected to our page Rajasthan Revealed which will keep revealing Rajasthan in the best way possible.

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