Ensuring the participation of women in the race for development

As science is spreading its feet in the world, similarly the development of technology is taking wings. Governments in every corner of the country and the world are preparing citizens in their jurisdictions to reach these dimensions of competition. Government policies have paved the way for innovations in education and employment. The 21st century is an era full of challenges and opportunities where only those people who are full of confidence and work skills will survive. For this, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is becoming a way to show the direction to the skill and development of the youth. Efforts are being made to connect the youth with the mainstream through several programs for education and livelihood skills in the state. Apart from this, the Rajasthan government also has schemes related to the promotion of girl child education at the center. By implementing them successfully, they want to bring better changes in the girl education system in the state.

To make girls self-reliant, CM Shri Ashok Gehlot has created a positive environment for girl child education in the state. Be it colleges or hostels, the government is also working to bring girl students from tribal and rural environments forward through its welfare schemes. To provide free and accessible education to the girl child, the government has opened 123 new colleges in the last three years to facilitate the college at the nearest location, out of which 32 are women’s colleges. In the budget announcement, the Chief Minister has announced to upgrade a school with 500 girl students anywhere in the state to a college so that the girl child can move ahead in the race of development by breaking free from the conservative shackles of the society. Apart from this, the Chief Minister is also working for better management of development schemes based on their suggestions by interacting with the girls of the state. CM Gehlot has started Kali Bai Bhil Medhavi Chatra Scooty Scheme in the state, eliminating the dependence of girls to go far and wide for studies. Arrangements for special education and proper coaching will also be made soon by the state government for the girls to move ahead in their careers according to their wishes and hopes.

Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot is in favor of equality for the women and girls of the state. He is also working to implement many schemes for women workers. Under his direction, work is being done to create a three-tier grievance system for women workers by bringing seven departments together. The objective of developing this system is to provide legal and social security to women workers besides quick resolution of their problems. CM Gehlot believes that to educate women and girls, society and family will have to come forward together and give them equal opportunities by abandoning the mindset of discrimination. According to CM Gehlot, women’s education and empowerment are the biggest demand of today’s time, so they should have full right to find their land in the world running on the track of development.

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