Famous Phrases of Rajasthan

If you are planning a trip to Rajasthan, a little knowledge of Rajasthani Phrases will prove to be quite useful to you. Have you ever stared into the faces of strangers, unable to comprehend a single word they speak?
Don’t worry. It is very common for people whenever they travel to different cities or states and come across phrases which they are unaware about.

Rajasthani Phrases are quite similar to that of the Hindi language and so it is understandable for Hindi-speaking people. Whether you’re from a neighboring state, or from another part of the country, or from some corner across the globe, Rajasthan always welcomes you wholeheartedly.
It’s not only limited to food and the culture of Rajasthan that’s going to find its way into your daily life but you will also come across some classic Rajasthani slang and phrases during your time here.
Every language is rich in its own way and teaches us a lot of things, teaches us to be grounded. Language is a medium to communicate with each other which also tells us about the culture of the place it belongs to. The knowledge of proverbs and phrases keeps us connected with our culture and heritage, but above all, keeps us familiar.

Let’s get familiar with the way of greeting in Rajasthan:
Khamma Ghani” is the Royal Rajasthani way of greeting.  It is made up of 2 words ‘Khamma’ (means ‘Greetings’) and ‘Ghani’ (means ‘a lot of’). So, “Khamma Ghani” is ‘A lot of Greetings’.  It is the gesture of folding the hands in front of the chest and saying the word Khamma Ghani out loud accompanied by a bow through a bend at the waist. It was started in Royal families to welcome and greet the Royalties, and still, today is preferred over the ‘Namaste’ and “Ram-Ram Saa”. “Ram-Ram Saa” is popular among local people, farmers, artisans, businessmen, etc.

Although there are many phrases, some of the famous proverbs that you will definitely come across when you visit Rajasthan are-

1.आ छाय तो ढोलियां जोगी ही
(Aa chhaay toh dholiyaan jogi hi)
One doesn’t regret if a thing of waste is wrecked.

2. च्यार दिनां री चानणी, फेर अँधेरी रात
(Chyaar dinaan ri chanani, fer andheri raat)
Happy days don’t last for long.

3. देखते नैणां चालते गोडां |
(Dekhte nainaan chaalte godaan)
It’s better to die when you still have the ability to see and walk.

Rajasthani’s are globally known for their hospitality spirit which is also reflected in a local phrase as ‘Padharo Mhare Des’ which means ‘Welcome to my land’. The enthusiasm and courtesy with which they welcome the tourist compel the visitors to frequently visit the state.

Phrase  ‘Padharo Mhare Des’  is taken from Rajasthani’s song “Kesariya Balam”. It is one of the welcome phrases to invite people in Rajasthan.
Even a simple question like ‘aapro konso gaon hai’ sounds so full of warmth and hospitality. Such is the tradition of Rajasthan known best for its hospitality, culture, and people.

The Rajasthani people also use few slang words which they use in their regular conversations. For outsiders, it may be difficult to pronounce it correctly but with the guidance of a local, they can easily understand some of the following:

1. Aawo/padharo
Meaning: Come
2. Chaal
Meaning: Walk
3. Jaawo
Meaning: Go
4. Tharo naam kaain hein?
Meaning: What is your name?
5. Aur kitto door jaano hai?
Meaning: How much distance to go?

People here in Rajasthan follow their same culture that is around 5000 years old but with the change in time the people speaking only Marwari, Mewati, Dhundhari, or Malvi have also learned both Hindi and English.

To know more about Rajasthan stay tuned with Rajasthan Revealed.

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