Fight back together to win over the re-emerging coronavirus

With the effective implementation of vaccination, life once again was getting back to normal.

The country was almost recovering from a pandemic like Corona. Schools and colleges were reopened, students were also getting back to their schools and the colleges. Travelling was getting smooth and the tourism industry also saw a rise in their business, markets were gaining momentum. We were heading towards the normal but the sudden rise in the number of cases once again raised concerns like the first round of Corona. The government has become anxious and has started warning people. The reason for this is the sudden increase in Covid cases and also the careless attitude of the people and the ignorance of the government’s constant warnings.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has appealed to the people to cooperate and comply with Covid rules and regulations. Shri Gehlot has made it clear that if people do not cooperate then strictness will be increased. Night curfew has been resumed after three months in 8 cities of the state, as well as instructions have been given to cut challans of those who do not wear masks.

The government is constantly making efforts to make people understand the seriousness of this growing threat, but if people do not realize it, the next option with the government will be lockdown.

Although the state government has never imposed rules like heavy fines like other states, considering the negligence prevailing in the public, the government is planning to take strict measures. Because despite the appeals by the government and doctors to prevent corona, the situation remains the same. The situation in many cities is getting worse. The sudden big increase in infected cases in the last 3 days is an alarming point. The confidence and courage with which the state has fought covid-19 in spite of limited resources and a huge population is remarkable. Rajasthan is among the few states that not only combated the pandemic itself but also helped their neighboring states. The Rajasthan model was highly appreciated worldwide for its fight against Corona. But this second wave of Covid will have to be taken care of so that the hard work of the state government does not go in vain. It is our responsibility to make sure that the hard work of our doctors, officers, and employees of government and non-government departments does not go in vain because of our negligence. Because, on its tireless mission against COVID-19, the entire machinery of the Chief Minister has given the state a global edge, not everyone has acquired the achievement. Therefore, to protect the health and future of our families, the elders, children, neighbors, along ourselves, we have to take necessary precautions. We have to follow the government’s stated rules and regulations. Compliance with the health protocols is the only option to prevent corona. We have to make the Covid 19 related guidelines an integral part of daily life. This is an urgent need as well as the responsibility towards our state.

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