Prashasan Gaon Aur Shahron Ke Sang – A campaign to deliver good governance to every citizen

The Chief Minister of the state, Shri Ashok Gehlot, chose the birth anniversary of his ideal Mahatma Gandhi to implement the work of the government, public welfare schemes and the solution of public problems to the person sitting in the last row. On the occasion of Gandhiji’s 152nd birth anniversary, the Chief Minister has made a grand launch of his government’s most ambitious administration campaign for villages and cities. Although the campaign Prashasan Gaon Ke Sang has already successfully been conducted by Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot during his previous tenures; the campaign started this year is different and more effective in many ways from the previous campaigns. In this campaign, the government has given such concessions in the issuance of leases, which have never been given till today.

This time, various rules have been simplified, removing the complexities in the departmental work. Everything is going on in an organized manner. This will facilitate the completion of pending works for years. A target has been set to distribute 10 lakh leases in the campaign. In this, along with works like lease, building approval, subdivision, and reorganization, the huge exemption is also being given in UD tax and outstanding house tax. Under the MNST scheme, the penalty has been waived up to 100 percent with a rebate of 50 percent on the basic house tax amount for depositing the entire outstanding house tax amount in lump sum by March 31, 2022. Due to which the outstanding house tax will become zero. At the same time, 100% rebate on interest penalty has been given for depositing one-time UD tax by the year 2021-22. The biggest decision in this campaign is to give a lease to the people of the colonies settled during the princely period. There are many such districts including Bikaner, Ajmer, Jodhpur, Kota, Bundi, including Jaipur Parkota area, where colonies have been settled since the princely period, but most of the people living in them do not have leases of their houses to date, which will be given on lease in this campaign. For this, the government has added section 69-A in the Municipality Act 2009. Using this law, the government will issue residential, mixed-use, and commercial use leases to the people living in such colonies. Apart from this, many types of certificates including pension, registration in government schemes, marriage, birth-death certificates will be made in the campaign.

Similarly, 22 departments including the revenue department will jointly take up the campaign with the administration villages to 11,341 villages in 352 panchayat samitis of the state to bring good governance to the villages. In this campaign, which will run till December 17, 2021, the focus of the government will be on resolving the years-old cases related to land as well as providing pension and benefits of government schemes to every eligible person. Along with allotment of land to the people in the villages, issuing leases to the landless, making NREGA job cards, payment of housing scheme installments, tap, electricity, diagnosing water problems, registration of deprived of health schemes, health check-up of villagers including farmers. The goal of the campaign is to solve their problems by making many concessions to benefit the people.

The Chief Minister has made it clear that any lapse in the interests and facilities of the people of the state will not be ignored. On the strict instructions of the Chief Minister, the entire government machinery is committed to benefiting the common man through this campaign. The government’s goal is that every person who comes to the campaign should not return from there without taking any benefit. For this, strict instructions have been given to the government representatives from the cities to the panchayat level. This is the first campaign of its kind where officers and employees are bound to solve every problem on the spot as the government has reduced the scope of saying no to zero. Right now, since the inception of this campaign, happiness is visible on the faces of the people who are dreaming of their homes. They are continuously expressing their gratitude towards the Chief Minister for this public welfare and accessible initiative.

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