Royal Wedding Destinations of Rajasthan

Weddings are the most awaited time for couples who promise each other to spend the rest of their lives together. It is a day of fairy tales coming true and is a celebration of loved ones getting together, the day needs to be perfect for both bride and groom and also their families. In the upcoming months starting from November, as the wedding season arrives, the hype and search for wedding venues, new and different concepts of weddings and pre-wedding shoots increases. As times are changing, Destination weddings are the new trend that allows the close ones to spend quality time together. Different kinds of destination weddings are held all over India where mainly the bride and groom and close friends are included. These kinds of weddings are unique in their way as they are mainly based on the personality, likes and interests of various couples. 

When it comes to destination weddings, an idea that is very popular among many couples is having the ‘Royal wedding’, and Rajasthan being the destination for that. Weddings in Rajasthan are colourful and elegant occasions, these weddings portray a genuine image of the legacy and culture of Rajasthan that is royal in every way. Everything comes together in regal Rajasthan including romance, history, drama and beauty. Do you hold the thoughts of being a princess bride and majestic groom? Then Rajasthan covers a whole pool of choices when it comes to locations and venues for perfect destination weddings. Further in this blog, you will be able to find information about how to have a lavish, royal and beautiful wedding in Rajasthan that will make unforgettable memories for you. 

Rajasthan is steeped in inspiration, rustic charm, modern comfort and fantasies. A beautiful wedding in Rajasthan gives every person the feels of kings and queens. This royal state consists of some magnificent and spellbinding forts and palaces that are perfect for hosting beautiful destination weddings. Destinations like Umaid Bhawan and the Umeed at Jodhpur city offer amazing views of the blue city and vast dunes. They also include royal Rajasthani architectural elements that are perfect for hosting graceful weddings, both on a grand or intimate scale. When it comes to the pink city, Shahpura Haveli and Rambagh palace are owned by the royal families of Jaipur that consist of palace rooms, historical suites, and presidential suites. Another dream destination for many couples includes Udaipur that has elaborate palaces, serene lakes and resplendent gardens. Fatehgarh palace and Shiv Niwas palace are impeccable choices for a destination wedding with comfortable and luxurious facilities. Other than these destinations there are several places in Rajasthan where royal weddings can be held such as Amet Haveli, Samode Palace, Jai Mahal Palace, Kuchaman Haveli and many more.

Royalty in a wedding not only comes from the royal place but also from the superior decor and state-of-art-services. Rajasthan excels in all these requirements as the decor and culture that this state is famous for including horses, elephants, camels, fireworks and swords that notch everything up and brings festive and royal vibes. Other than these there are funky tassels, colourful cushions, umbrellas, fairy lights, flowers and bangles that sum up the decoration and exhibit rich traditions. Besides decoration, another most important aspect for a wedding is the food. The weddings hosted in Rajasthan have the main attraction of the Rajasthani Rasoi which reflects the extravagant expenditures and rich taste of the state. The menu of Rajasthan includes a sweet dish, gatte and dal, bati & churma offering a majestic wedding feast with exquisite taste, intense flavour and a royal touch, this feast is something that everyone craves at a wedding.

Speaking of trends, another trend that is a must-have nowadays are the pre-wedding shoots that happen before the wedding and can be in the form of photography or videography. These shoots allow the bride and groom to have feelings of being the lead actor and actress in real life which makes the wedding time more special and exceptional. People come up with innovative ideas and explore several attractive places where they can manage pre-wed shoots. The Royal state Rajasthan comes on the top list when it comes to pre-wedding shoots. Speaking about Rajasthan, the most common heritage places that come to our mind are Jaipur and Udaipur, no doubt these places are beautiful but there are some other masterpieces that this state offers when it comes to weddings and pre-wedding shoots. Jaisalmer city is one of those masterpieces that not only offers forts and stone walls but it also has music, art, history and poetry that makes everything more romantic for the pair. Another gem from Rajasthan is Chittorgarh, featured in the famous movie-Padmavat, this place is the best spot as the weather here is mostly pleasant and the crowd density is also low. Other than these there are more beautiful masterpieces such as Neemrana, Jodhpur, Sambhar and many more.

Be it destination weddings or shoots or shopping, Rajasthan is the best destination for different needs at one place. You will be able to get much more than a royal wedding and will end up making eternal mesmerizing memories that you and your partner can cherish forever. There is much more to Rajasthan than just being a safe and happy place to reside and we at Rajasthan have tried to reveal Rajasthan for you all with these blogs so that you can experience all that this state has to offer.

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