8 Glorious Fairs and Festivals in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a cheerful state that celebrates its diverse culture through a variety of fairs and festivals happening throughout the year. These fairs and festivals build an opportunity for travelers to dive into the art, culture, traditions that are very nicely associated and intermixed with the state’s grand history. These fairs and festivals are a celebration of life, culture, heritage, and nature, in true Rajasthani style. And to savor the true flavors of this amazing land, visit during this festivity and become a part of it.

Here is a list of Fairs and Festivals of Rajasthan that you simply cannot miss:

1. Camel Festival, Bikaner

The Camel Festival is held in the traditional city, Bikaner, which incidentally is called the camel capital of the country.
The festival is held in the month of January for over two days. Having such climatic conditions and being loyal to the land of Bikaner, camels are an essential part of Rajasthan, and thus, devoting a festival to regard and a spirit of appreciation to them.
Set against the background of Junagarh fort in Bikaner, the festival is not less than a carnival where camels are adorned with colorful ornaments and are dressed in an embroidered attire. The festival comprises camel races, camel games, and various cultural performances.

2. Jaipur Literature Festival, Jaipur

Described as the ‘greatest literary show on Earth’, the Jaipur Literature Festival is a feast of ideas and innovations. Expanding the horizons of literature, the Jaipur Literature Festival takes place at the Diggi Palace, Jaipur in the month of January.
Every year, the Festival unites a diverse mix of the world’s greatest writers, thinkers, humanitarians, politicians, business leaders, sportspeople, and entertainers on a platform to express and engage in reflective debate and dialogue.
Jaipur Literature is a great platform that provides access to some of the greatest authors and thinkers on this planet and gives courage to young minds to dream and imagine, it is not a chance anyone should miss.

3. Udaipur World Music Festival, Udaipur

Udaipur World Music Festival, one of India’s biggest world music festivals, held in the month of February, in the beautiful city of lakes.
This Festival provides great diversity in music that celebrates different moods of the day right from a morning meditation raga to romantic music at its best played beside the lakes in the afternoons. Evenings will bring spirited youthful music that unifies people of all age groups.
The event, through music, also celebrates the cultural diversity in this country. Around 150 artists from over 16 countries participate in the festival, attracting audiences with their thrilling performances.

4. Desert Festival, Jaisalmer

Desert Festival is held in the month of February, and the city of Jaisalmer is colored with hues of festivity. A three-day event organized by the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation is an absolute cultural show that takes place amidst the beautiful sand dunes of Jaisalmer.
Set against the backdrop of the majestic Jaisalmer Fort, the Desert Festival is a perfect essence of the traditional culture of Rajasthan.
The famous things of this festival are puppeteers, acrobats, camel tattoo shows, camel races, camel polo, traditional processions, camel mounted bands, folk dances, etc.

5. Nagaur Fair, Nagaur

The Nagaur Fair is the second biggest cattle fair in India. Held every year between the months of January and February. Rajasthan‘s rich history, majestic forts, palaces, and attractive lakes do make the state popular for tourism; however, it is the fair and festivals that add beauty making it a favored vacationer location.
It is famously known as the Cattle Fair of Nagaur as this is the place where owners gather to trade animals. The animals are lavishly decorated and even their owners dress up with colorful turbans and long mustaches. Nagaur fair is also famous for its jugglers, puppeteers, storytellers, etc.

6. Summer Festival, Mount Abu

Mount Abu is a hill station of Rajasthan and favored with pleasant weather throughout the year. Mt. Abu plays host to the Summer Festival quite possibly the most extraordinary among the fairs and festivals of Rajasthan. Held over a time of three days, the celebration begins on the day of Buddha Poornima.
The celebration starts with artists singing Ballads followed by a traditional folk dance. The festival at that point continues to the well-known Nakki Lake where the energizing boat race is coordinated. At the end of the festival, the sky-dazzling fireworks spreading all over the sky look incredibly magical.

7. Pushkar Fair, Pushkar

The Festival of all desert festivals, Pushkar Fair or Pushkar Mela is a spectacular five-day camel and livestock fair held in the town of Pushkar, on the banks of the Pushkar lake in Rajasthan. The festival is held during October and November.
Pushkar Camel Fair is considered one of the most highly rated touristic experiences in India amongst the fairs of Rajasthan. For first time visitors, this experience is like no other. It is like a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Well, this isn’t it; Pushkar fair is also known for its religious significance. Pushkar Lake is one of India’s holy lakes.

8. Matsya Festival, Alwar

The colorful and vibrant Matsya Festival of Alwar held in November over two days is the foremost of all fairs and festivals of Rajasthan. Celebrated against the scenery of Alwar’s various forts and palaces, thick forests, and lakes, the Matsya Festival draws the attention of the travelers due to its delightful setting. Matsya is a real sense that means fish in Sanskrit. In Hindu mythology, Matsya is viewed as an image and one of the symbols of Lord Vishnu. This festival is attended by a huge number of gatherings including local people, nationals, and worldwide travelers who connect themselves with a variety of competitions, traditional songs and dances, folk music, and more.

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