Covid-19 Causes, Symptoms, Precaution

Rajasthan has just grown out from the 2nd wave of Corona & now has been unlocked for a little normal life. The second wave of Covid-19 was dangerous as the transmissibility of COVID-19 & the death rate during this period were high. But the Government of Rajasthan controlled the condition by keeping constant surveillance on the health facilities and the lockdown guidelines. 

Along with this, making everyone secure with the vaccine was important, so the Government of Rajasthan kept in continuation the vaccine drive to shield every person from the future uncertainties of Covid-19. 

Thankfully, In mid-June, Rajasthan won over the second wave situation and brought down the cases from the peak to bottom in Rajasthan. But in recent space-time, it has been noticed that if the public will not follow the precautions, such severe situations can again hit us. Again this Covid could harm us & bind more readily to lung cells, and potentially could evade some antibody response. So it is much needed to know about the symptoms & take more precautions than before. 

As we can notice, the Government is preparing to their full best if in future any severe condition arises, but are you? All citizens must have knowledge about the Covid cause, symptoms, and precautions so that everyone can fight rightly. Let’s get introduced to some of the important things to keep in mind. 

Causes of Covid-19 

It is hard to tell where the virus has come from, but one thing that we can focus on is how it spreads. It is found that the virus can easily spread by coming into contact with an infectious person & can enter your body through respiration. Because of the past variant of covid-19, in which its main part, spike protein, has spread very much faster in our body. So, there’s no clear information about its origin, but it can infect you while going out & touching random objects, and coming into contact with an infected person. 

Symptoms of Covid-19 

If you stay aware of the symptoms, you can quickly cure the symptoms and the disease. Symptoms for the Covid-19 could be seen in your body as follows: Cough, Tiredness, runny nose, or fever in general. Severe Symptoms of this Covid-19 may include Shortness of breath or abdominal pain. 

There are many other symptoms of the Covid variant, which could also be seen, like skin rash, change in the color of the toes, sore throat, loss of smell, and diarrhea.

Thereupon, if you find any of the symptoms, consult the doctor soon & do a Covid-19 RT-PCR test to check your infection. 

Precaution of Covid-19 

We realize well that precaution is better than cure, that’s why following some of the necessary safeguards is needed. Readout the main points of precautions we must follow:

  • Step out of your house only when necessary
  • Wear a double mask properly, by covering your mouth and nose
  • Use a sanitizer after meeting someone or touching any surface
  • Wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds several times a day
  • If you are bringing any item from outside, first disinfect it. 
  • Most importantly, get both doses of vaccination soon to be safe & ready to fight.

Covid situations can be stressful for our mental & physical health, but the only way to get out of this is to take regular precautions until we are ordered to quit them. Get yourself vaccinated soon and keep following the precautions to overcome the Covid-19 virus.

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