A foolproof security system for Women by the State government

The state government is truly serious about strengthening the security circle for women of Rajasthan. Not only this, along with the strengthening of schemes for women’s safety, the government is also taking counted steps to strengthen women’s self-defense and increasing their confidence in the justice system. 

The Special Investigation Unit for Crimes Against Women is working effectively in the state to take action against crimes. Simultaneously, the state government is also preparing Victim Advisory Scheme to provide physical and mental support to women who have survived as a victim of sexual violence. 

Additionally, through the active campaign of Nirbhaya Squad, quick actions are being taken by the women police at public places & public transport in plain uniform to crack down on the miscreants. But despite all the constant efforts of the State government, women and girls are still hesitating to speak openly about the crimes committed against them. To remove the hesitation among the victims, now police want to instill the confidence in them to fight against injustice through the concept of Suraksha Sakhi. 

Along with the safety of women and girls, groups are being formed to make them aware of their rights and laws. These groups will be formed in the police station areas of every district of the state. In Jaipur alone, the target is to form a group of 2.5 lakh Suraksha Sakhis, who will act as their eyes, nose, and ears for the police. These security guards have been attached to the respective police stations, police officers, and Nirbhaya squad who will play an important role in getting justice for the victims by contacting them directly in emergencies. 

These Suraksha Sakhis will help the victims in cases like being trolled on social media, harassed by unknown calls, eve-teasing, besides making women aware of crimes of minor and serious nature. Apart from this, these Suraksha Sakhis will also be ready to help the women who are being harassed by the in-laws or the elderly women being harassed by the daughter-in-law. The police department will also make arrangements for self-defense training for the women joining this unit. 

Overall, the state government is fully committed to bringing women into the state under the purview of the foolproof security circle. The decision to make Suraksha Sakhi will also help in developing an information system of the police in every street and locality with which the goal of complete control on the crime against women will be achieved.

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