Jaipur in Lockdown

A Pink Blush

A city that has a tradition of tickling us pink has not drifted into silence even during the COVID-19 lockdown period. This growing metropolis seems ready to attend the morning rush, the evening red-light gala, and the weekend escapades.

While the people are safe in their houses, a view of the locked-down Pink City shows us the deep colours of inanimate structures as if reciting their own chronicle of valor.

Having put on a brave face, presumably, the forts and monuments are taking one more test of time and adding to the modern history of Rajasthan.

Albert Hall Museum

Every evening, the exteriors of Albert Hall Museum soak up the twilight shade and cast a kaleidoscopic light show for its visitors.

Now, after two months of lockdown with no guests, it is standing tall and high, as if saluting with the gravitas to the efforts of Corona warriors.

Corona Warriors – the warriors who will be remembered forever as the front-line soldiers pushing the great distress behind us. With door-to-door surveys, screening, and sampling, they have been deploying the well-acclaimed Jaipur Corona containment plan – a blueprint of vigilance.

Read the inspiring story of ASHA Sahyogini – Asha Rita, who saved 23 people from the vicious COVID-19 infection.

City Palace

Covered in the veil of terracotta-colored artwork, the City Palace usually welcomes clusters of tourist groups who admire its ageless beauty.

Now, like an obedient child, we see it brooding in deep-contemplation as if it prays for the well-being of sufferers.

Bapu Bazar

A bazar that shouts out loud the culture of the Dhundar region of Rajasthan, usually attracts droves of footfalls. Every new sunrise knocks in with a flock of shoppers, foodies, and college students. With a wide variety of shops and sellers, it serves all from casual buyers to wedding shoppers.

Moreover, a stretch of food outlets from Chaura Rasta to MI road often fills the social media galleries of food bloggers.

Cut to phase 4 of lockdown, the jazzy and rainbow-like Bapu Bazar has been toned down to terracotta pink – the dominant color scheme of the Jaipur city.

The place appears to be becoming synonymous with the word ‘perseverance’ – something with which Rajasthan is facing the crisis.


Perched on the city top, the Nahargarh Fort is known for evincing the most delightful sunset shows.

During lockdown, when the whole town is facing the gloom of half-light, the fort appears placid, supposedly sending blessings from up there.

Jal Mahal

The serenity of Jal Mahal often captures the hearts of spectators.

Now when there are no spectators around, it looks even more spiritual, presumably meditating for a peace treaty.

Hawa Mahal

The five-story Hawa Mahal palace usually stands amidst the bedlam of jam-packed bazaar streets.

Now with a sushed road in its front, it seems delicately beautiful as if letting its guard down. 

Although balconies and terraces are becoming the new event spots of Jaipur, the unhindered view of the lucid skyline, wide-welcoming roads, and breathing monuments are becoming the daydream of an observer.

A stroll through the city’s heart during COVID-19 lockdown gives us an ineffable outlook that could easily be missed out on a full-grown day.

Something that tells us that during this global crisis, the living and the non-living have become one positive force to vanquish the bad.

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