5 Top Deserts to Visit in Rajasthan

Deserts to Visit in Rajasthan

The word ‘Rajasthan’ literally translates to the Land of Kings. Our northwestern Indian state is renowned for its captivating deserts that lure travelers worldwide. More than our majestic forts, it is the Thar desert’s golden expanse where you will find countless stories of ancient dynasties and adventures. From the mystical dunes of Jaisalmer to Bikaner’s culturally rich desert, only in Rajasthan, you discover the diverse and beguiling side of deserts.

In today’s post, we’ll explore 5 most remarkable desert destinations, each offering a unique experience. Whether you seek solitude among rolling dunes, a taste of history through forts and temples, or vibrant cultural encounters, Rajasthan’s deserts cater to all. 

So, fasten your seatbelts for a tour, uncovering hidden gems, cultural wonders, and adventurous escapades. 

1.  Sam desert in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is popularly known as the Golden City because it looks like an expanse of shimmering gold structures and sands from afar. The amber-colored walls of the Jaisalmer fort and the honey-colored stones used for the construction of its majestic Havelies make this city a feast for the eyes. 

It is known for the abundant dunes found in the desert area 45 km away from it. The dunes are as high as 30 to 80 km in height. 

What makes the desert nearing Jaisalmer worth visiting is the lack of people inhabiting the area. Thus, it serves as a perfect place for travelers who want to spend some time in solitude away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

But that is not all, there are plenty of other avenues to discover here. You can visit the famous Jain temples, Castles, and Lakes situated in the city. Along with that, you can throw yourself into dune bashing, camel rides, safari tours, etc.(https://rajputanacabs.in/deserts-in-rajasthan/)

2.       Desert of Bikaner

Want to know everything about camels? Then you should visit Bikaner where at the National Research Centre on Camels you can learn everything about camels, the dairy products they produce, and more. 

Popular to the Junagarash palace, and the Karni Mata temple, the desert town is known for its humble sand dunes which aren’t very high. 

Did you know, Bikaner is also known as camel country because the best camel breeds of the world are found here? 

It is considered one of the three great deserts of the country. Most people come to the city to witness the Camel Festival. The city is reminiscent of the Rajput era due to its architecture. While exploring the long stretches of desert here you will also encounter lizards, snakes, dears, blackbuck, etc. making it an ideal spot for animal lovers.

Along with the extraordinary expanse of sand, what you can enjoy is the Camel Safari, Jeep ride, and more. 

3.       Kumbhalgarh

Kumbhalgarh town boasts a rich history and a wealth of architectural wonders. Its most iconic landmark is the Kumbhalgarh fort, a gigantic snake-like fortress that ranks as the second most important fort in Rajasthan. Nestled at the foothills of the rugged Aravalli hills, the fort’s location adds a breathtaking dimension to the desert landscape.

This historic town is a treasure trove of majestic monuments, extravagant palaces, and a myriad of temples. 

4.       Sand Dunes of Pushkar

Want to explore the rural lifestyle and customs without giving up the comforts that city life provides? Then, Come to Pushkar. The City, well-known as the only place to have a Brahma temple in the state, is popular for hosting a grand camel fair that happens in November every year.

It takes place on such a massive scale that the Pushkar Camel Fair is the biggest one in the entire world. Here you can explore the lesser-known part of the Thar Desert. If you are visiting Jaipur, it should be on your itinerary as reaching the desert takes only 3 hours. At the Pushkar mela you not only get to see majestic camels, but also you have the chance to know them on a deeper level with the help of the humble locals.

In the Kartika month when it is full moon, a big crowd collects over the city to take a bath in the holy waters. It is believed that Lord Brahma dropped a flower here; historically Mughals too propagated flowers, which makes flowers the essence of Pushkar. That is the reason why it is called the ‘rose garden of Rajasthan’.

For adventure lovers, the city acts as a great venue as it offers camping, Jeep safari, camel rides, desert safari, Hot air Balloon rides, and more.

 5.       Ossian Desert of Jodhpur

Despite the major part of the city being covered in greenery, Jodhpur is an abode to a desert called the Osian. The Dessert is close to Jodhpur at a distance of only 70 km

The dunes here are scarcely populated which makes it a perfect spot for the people who don’t want to camp in a crowded area. The camping activities here that you can enjoy are trekking, Jeep Safari, and Camel Safari.

Conclusion – We hope you thoroughly enjoyed this literal ride to the desserts of Rajasthan. Rajasthan’s deserts offer a mesmerizing journey into the heart of India’s vibrant culture and natural beauty. 

From the golden sands of Jaisalmer to the camel festivals in Bikaner, the ancient charm of Kumbhalgarh, the rural allure of Pushkar, and the serene Osian Desert near Jodhpur, Rajasthan’s deserts are diverse and captivating. Whether you seek solitude, adventure, or a taste of history, Rajasthan’s deserts have it all. 

Plan your visit to our enchanting region and immerse yourself in the magic of the Thar Desert. 

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