Om Banna Temple – A holy wonder of Rajasthan

We all know that Rajasthan is home to thousands of temples and shrines which are immensely popular among tourists and Hindu devotees. But did you know that the state also houses some unconventional temples which have originated from exceptional magical beliefs? 

One such holy shrine is the famous ‘Om Banna Temple’ located on the Pali-Jodhpur National Highway 65, 40 kilometers from Jodhpur. The temple is dedicated to Om Singh Thakur – a Rajput Thakur & his bike 350 cc Royal Enfield Bullet. According to the local people there, once Om Singh Thakur was traveling to Chotila on his bike, where he, unfortunately, met with an accident and died on spot. The police, after inspection, took the bike to the police station but the next day, the bike automatically reached the accident spot. The police brought it back, chained it and emptied its fuel tank but it in vain. The bike was spotted at the same place again. People, surprised with this supernatural act, started worshiping the bike. They also built a temple to honor the bike owner – Om Singh Thakur.

Now, it is believed that people crossing by the temple, who pay tribute to the Thakur will be protected by him on their journey. 

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