Rajasthan puts India on the world map!

In another feather in the cap for Rajasthan, Travel Plus Leisure, a prestigious magazine in the international and tourism world, has released the list of the best cities in the world. In this, two cities of India have been included in the list of top 10 best cities in the world. Among these, Jaipur has got 8th and Udaipur has got 10th place.

In this list, Oaxaca (Mexico) is in first place, San Miguel de Allende (Mexico) in second place, Ubud (Indonesia) in third place, Florence (Italy) in fourth place and Istanbul (Turkey) in fifth place. Apart from this Mexico City (Mexico) is in sixth place followed by Chiang Mai (Thailand) at seventh place and Osaka (Japan) at ninth place.

Two cities of Rajasthan also in top 15 best cities of Asia

A list of the top 15 best cities in Asia has also been released by Travel Plus Leisure Magazine. In the list of top cities, Jaipur has been ranked third and Udaipur has been ranked fifth. The top cities in this list are Ubud Indonesia, followed by Chiang, Thailand at second place and Osaka, Japan at fourth place.

Rajasthan Tourism Minister Shri Vishvendra Singh in a statement said that Rajasthan is fast emerging on the world map. It is a matter of pride for the people of the state and Rajasthan tourism to be included in the list of top cities of the state. He said that promotion of tourism is the priority of the state government. Many innovations are being done by the state government including status to the tourism industry, new tourism policy, Rajasthan film tourism promotion policy.

While the whole of Rajasthan is known for the heritage, culture, colours and the desert, Udaipur has always been famous for its beautiful lakes while Jaipur is gradually turning into one of the more contemporary cities in India.

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