Best ways to beat the summer heat when in Rajasthan

So now that summer has arrived, it has become more crucial to take care of yourself while facing the hot temperature of Rajasthan. As we know, Rajasthan is identified for its warm and sweltering temperature, which cannot only tan you but can affect your health as well. Thus it is essential to balance your everyday life with the hotter and sunnier months of Rajasthan. So here are some easy ways to beat the summer heat and to embrace the weather with open arms.

  1. Early mornings or evenings are the perfect time for moving out

The Summer Season of Rajasthan which extends from April to June is the hottest period, with temperatures ranging from 32 degrees to 45 degrees. If you are planning to walk out in the afternoons of Rajasthan, you can face the regular hot winds or dust storms. So make sure that you plan your work accordingly and prefer evenings or mornings. 

  1. Cool yourself with Cool cotton clothing & sunglasses

As you can sweat more during the summer of Rajasthan, the cotton fabric is the most suitable since it absorbs sweat and helps the body to cool down. Not only this, Cotton allows better air circulation which helps to absorb and remove body moisture caused by sweat. So always go for cotton fabric outfits & carry a pair of sunglasses to help you avoid having a squint in the bright sunshine.

  1. Stay hydrated and eat sensibly

Having your water bottle is the most essential thing to do while traveling in summer because staying hydrated is very important in the extreme heat of Rajasthan. Be cautious if you don’t have your water bottle,  in that case, it is advisable to buy packaged drinking water to avoid any kind of stomach infection. There are some other ways to humidify your body, like drinking cold milk or yogurt-based drinks like lassi, sharbat, and chaach. Fruit juices and ice-creams are available too for giving you rest from the heat. 

When it comes to the cuisines of Rajasthan, you have loads of varieties, from the heavy fried meals with lots of desi ghee to the easy & light meals, and if you are having a tour in summer, always opt for light meals, which includes chapati, masala chaach, and preserved food items achaar, dried sangria. 

Most importantly, staying hydrated and sensible eating in the summer of Rajasthan can protect you from the severe effects of the “LOO”, the dusty, hot, and dry summer wind of Rajasthan, which can make you ill and spoil your outings. 

  1. Wear sunscreen and carry wet tissues

Keeping your skin hydrated is as important as keeping your body hydrated with water is. In the hot summer of Rajasthan,  protecting our skin from the sun’s UV rays is very important, as, during the summertime, the sun is at its best to burn your skin & make it dry and flaky. Also, carry wet tissues with you because sand grains on your skin can irritate you all the time in Rajasthan.  

  1. Add scarves, hats, caps & umbrella to your accessories

These are some must-haves in the summer of Rajasthan, which could help you in beating the heat easily. From scarves to hats, from caps to the Rajasthani-designed umbrellas, all these accessories can protect your head and skin from the stringent heat of the sun. 

Summertime can be difficult for all the citizens of Rajasthan & especially for those who are traveling from outside for work. These were some of the main tips you should follow to beat the summer heat, & we hope these tips can make your summer experience more energized like the summer sun of Rajasthan. 

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